Treating You Clean Since 1950

Innovative Products, Time-Honored Service

For more than 70 years, D.H. Bertenthal & Sons has brought cutting edge cleaning and maintenance solutions to Western Pennsylvania and beyond. In the 1980's, we were pioneers in providing recycling systems to schools, municipalities and businesses, and by the 1990's we were leaders in selling and educating our customers on green and sustainable cleaning supplies and equipment. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March of 2020, D.H. Bertenthal & Sons hit the ground running to provide unparalleled advice and expertise on best practices to our client base. We quickly got a variety of educational and business customers up to speed with disinfectants and spray applicators, soap and hand sanitizing systems, and a variety of safety supplies including gloves, masks, and wipers. Our customers truly appreciate our quick response time and level of personal service, in both good times and bad. We work hard to earn your trust - and keep it - and have held on to many of he same customers for decades because of that commitment.

Our Dedication to Our Clients Doesn’t End at the Sale

In Fact, That’s Where it Really Begins

At D.H. Bertenthal & Sons, we understand the power inherent in knowledge. That’s why service, support, and training are at the heart of our business model. Many of the sustainable products that we champion require different (though no less convenient) use than their less environmentally friendly counterparts. New equipment almost always comes with new questions about capability and order of operations. In all of those cases, we pride ourselves on being there to educate or otherwise accommodate our clients.


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