Supercharge Your Gymnasium and Sports Floors During this Summer Break

16 August 2022
Supercharge Your Gymnasium and Sports Floors During this Summer Break

Summer is the perfect time to bring your dull gymnasium and sports floors to life. At D.H. Bertenthal & Sons, we're happy to use our unmatched unique expertise and revolutionary tools to help you supercharge your gymnasium and sports floors during summer break!

Our Betco SportsZone cleaners, in combination with floor Pro-Link Maroon Wood Prep pads and TigerHawk orbital floor care equipment, will give your school or organization the gleaming floors of your dreams. We'll provide recommendations and services to accomplish your gym floor recoat preparations efficiently and accurately.

Call us today 412-221-4747 for an on-site survey of your sports floor needs!

The Right Team and Tools for the Job

D.H. Bertenthal & Sons have years of combined experience making sports floors of all ages look new. We assess each client individually and determine what you'll need moving forward. Our product line is top-notch and includes the following.

Maroon wood floor prep pad

Pro-Link – Maroon Wood Prep Pad

Pro-Link designed their thin line Maroon Wood Prep Pad to create a delicate cut pattern on cured water-based urethane finish between coats. The pad features a fine but consistent abrasive throughout and easy cleaning for more prolonged use.

The Maroon Wood Prep Pad is 3/8” thick, which allows the pad to follow the contours of the floor. It's ideal for water-based urethane finishes and is available in various sizes.

Betco sports cleaner

Betco Sports Zone Cleaners

Betco Sports Zone Cleaners are tough on dirt but super gentle on sports floors, and Betco cleaners leave no residue or haze. You can easily use Betco Sports Zone cleaners as a daily floor cleaner. They're the final cleaning step in the TyGly System, and they're super versatile, performing perfectly for everyday use and periodic maintenance.

TigerHawk floor machine

Hawk Enterprises Deluxe Orbital Floor Machines

D.H. Bertenthal & Sons offers the TigerHawk 2014 and 2814, and we're thrilled to report that they're the most productive orbitals on the market today! With revolutionary WDTM Wheels Down floating head technology and over 0.79 pounds per square inch of pressure moving at around 1740 RPM, you can power through finish removal without chemicals.

The TigerHawk engineered design allows users to scrub, strip, or sand floors effortlessly with less noise and fatigue. Check out these incredible TigerHawk features:

  • Dual vibration isolation system with 6 (2014) or 8 (2814) industrial isolators;
  • Easy-to-remove WDTM handle for transport and storage;
  • A heavy-duty motor guard protects the motor from impact damage;
  • Powder-coated steel handle with 5-position pin lock;
  • Thumb-operated safety switch with dual steel operating triggers;
  • Comfortable vinyl-dipped foam handle grip.

Don't hesitate to contact D.H. Bertenthal & Sons for more information on these products or call us at 412-221-4747. We look forward to helping you bring your sports floors back to life!