NSS® BP-Ranger 1250 S

NSS® BP-Ranger 1250 S

Item # 212900EACH

  • The BP-Ranger is unmatched - no other wet/dry vac motor can match the BP-Ranger motor for performance and life.
  • 16" x 21 3/8"
  • 12.5 gal., wet, 1.5 bu. Dry, tip-dispose base w/poly tank
  • 2 HP NSS motor, 304 stainless steel, 22 gauge
  • Discontinued
Manufacturer #1801806

For heavy use in jobs ranging from recovery of stripping solution to recovery of chips from shop floors, the BP-Ranger is ideal. This is why it is a standard part of many maintenance programs especially those of contract cleaners, schools and hospitals.

Easily empty a full tank without spills with the tip-dispose feature. Handy grip at the bottom of the tank makes lifting the tank easy.

  • Remove heavy, pile cutting dirt from deep within carpet nap.
  • Both BP-Ranger models are available with 27" front mount squeegees for wide area wet pick-up - up to four times faster than with a conventional 14" squeegee tool.
  • The BP-Ranger motor moves over 20% more air than any other multi-stage motor available.


  • 1) Top Bearing. Double sealed, continuous run.
  • 2) Commutator. Almost twice as much copper thickness increases total motor life.
  • 3) Carbon Brush. Only two brushes required. Easily accessible for checking and replacement. Research tested for minimum of 2,000 hour life.
  • 4 & 5) Armature and Field. NSS engineered and built for motor to fan balance. Underloaded in relation to electric load imposed by fans.
  • 6) Armature Shaft. Shortened to lower torque, maintain better fan balance.
  • 7) Cooling Fan. Bottom mounted in motor compartment for more efficient cooling. Directed air stream flows over bearings, commutator, field, to keep temperature at lowest rise (40 degrees C).
  • 8) Cooling Air Escape Ports. Air is carried to outside of powerhead.
  • 9) Suction Air Escape Ports. Air is carried to outside of powerhead.
  • 10) Bearing and Housing. Bearing contained in steel instead of aluminum housing. Housing expands same rate as bearing under heat. Prevents play, replacement of complete housing, and increases bearing life. Double seal bearing, with extra shield to kee
  • 11) Suction Fans. Series mounted in three stages with two baffles. Larger diameter (7 inches). 50% greater blade depth.
  • 12) Fan Housing and Cover. Cast aluminum to withstand corrosion and rust. Longest possible life. Cover easily removed for motor service when necessary.


  • Motor: 2 hp, 3-stage bypass, 110-120v., 2 hp, 3-stage bypass, 220-240v available.
  • Current: 12.6 amps @ 115v., 6.3 amps @ 230v
  • CFM/Waterlift: Closed-0 CFM, waterlift 76", 3/4"-54.3 CFM, waterlift 50", 1"-84.8 CFM, waterlift 39", 1 1/4"-110.6 CFM, waterlift 28", 1 1/2"-129.7 CFM, waterlift 18.5", 2"-146.5 CFM, waterlift 7.5".
  • Front Squeegee: 27", toe operated squeegee available
  • Recovery Capacity: 12.5 gal., wet 1.5 bu dry
  • Tank Size: 22 gal.
  • Tank Construction: 304 stainless steel, 22 gauge
  • Filter: Area 625 sq. in., Material-Cotton (synthetic material optional) supported by aluminum ring
  • Sound Level: 63 dB @ operator position (10' from machine)
  • Cord: 50', 16-3 SJT
  • Base: Tip-dispose, polyethylene construction
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 5 year polyethylene parts
  • Weight: 74 lbs.