NSS® 1450P BP-Ranger Wet/Dry Vacuum - 14.5 Gal.

NSS® 1450P BP-Ranger Wet/Dry Vacuum - 14.5 Gal.

Item # 213000EACH

  • Built to be the best, most rugged wet/dry with a unique 2 HP, bypass-cooled motor. Up to 12 times longer life & up to 40% more suction power.
  • 16.75" x 21" Tank
  • 2HP, 3-stage bypass, 110-120V Motor
  • 12.6 amps @ 115V
  • Discontinued
14.5 Gal., ea
Manufacturer #1801842

The tip-dispose feature of these machines allow a full tank of recovered solution to be easily emptied into a toilet.


  • Access to the powerhead for routine maintenance is attained by removing four bolts.
  • High air intake; float shut-off activates long before any moisture reaches the vacuum fans.
  • The cone surrounding the float shut-off combines with the round tank to cause "cyclonic action," forcing liquid and debris to the bottom of the recovery tank rather than through the vacuum motor fans.
  • The float shut-off, made of corrosion-resistant materials, will not fail to operate due to waterlogging.
  • The all-polyethylene construction of the powerhead resists dents and corrosion; poly parts are warranted for 10 years.
  • Exclusive NSS[R] vacuum motor produces fast and thorough recovery.

The motor makes a difference. Powerful performance and longevity are the heart and soul of the BP-Ranger. Here's a list of reasons the BP-Ranger regularly outdistances all other wet/dry vacuums.

  • 1) Top Bearing. Double-sealed, this bearing keeps out dirt and moisture, the main causes of motor failure.
  • 2) Commutator. The copper thickness in this component is almost twice that of standard commutators.
  • 3) Carbon Brush. Easily accessible, the carbon brushes are rated for a minimum of 2000 service hours.
  • 4 and 5) Armature and Field. The armature and field are built to facilitate balance between the motor and fan. This produces a smoother running machine.
  • 6) Armature Shaft. Shortened to lower motor torque, this component also helps maintain better fan balance.
  • 7) Cooling Fan. Mounted to the bottom of the motor compartment, this fan directs a cooling air stream over the bearings, commutator and the field.
  • 8) Cooling Air Vents. Air used to cool the motor components is exhausted through these vents.
  • 9) Suction Air Vents. Vacuum air, drawing dirt into the tank, is exhausted through these vents.
  • 10) Bearing and Housing. The double-sealed bottom bearing is protected by a steel housing.
  • 11) Suction Fans. This series of 7" fans produce the powerful suction utilized by the BP-Ranger.
  • 12) Fan Housing and Cover. To protect against rust and corrosion, the fan housing and cover are made of stamped aluminum.


  • CFM/Water Lift: Closed: 0 cfm, 76" waterlift; .75": 54.3 cfm, 50" waterlift; 1": 84.8 cfm, 39" waterlift; 1.25": 111 cfm, 28" waterlift; 1.5": 130 cfm, 18" waterlift; 2": 146 cfm, 7.5" waterlift.
  • Front Squeegee: 27" toe-operated
  • Tank Construction: Rotocast polyethylene
  • Filter: Area: 625"[2]; Material: Cotton supported by aluminum ring
  • Sound Level: 63 dbA @ operator
  • Cord: 50 ft. 16-3 SJT
  • Base: Tip-dispose, polyethylene
  • Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Warranty: 7 year limited, 10 year poly parts