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Inferno Ice Melt

Kissner Inferno Ice Melter


50 lb Bag

INFERNO starts working instantly! Our patented blend delivers the most effective ice melting blast on the market. Our formula creates a unique process that instantly separates ice from any surface and remains active for 24 hours! Made in the USA.
Manufacturer #INFERNO50B


Pro-Link Premium Ice Melt

Pro-Link Premium Ice Melter


50 lb Bag

Made of granules coated with "Liqui-Fire" melting enhancer, each granule works individually for maximum performance. Works up to three times faster than ordinary ice melters. Effective to -27° F. Contains no dangerous chemicals, less toxic than baking soda. Can be handled safely with bare hands. Granules are green for ease of application.
Manufacturer #146670

Ice Fighter Plus

Morgro Ice Fighter Plus


50 lb Bag

Melts more ice and snow per unit of weight than any other deicer. At 25° F it melts 20% more snow and ice than pelleted calcium chloride. Melts 40% more than flaked calcium chloride. Safe for plants when used as directed.
Manufacturer #155032


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White Out Neutralizer
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Big Foot Snow Shovel

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