About Us

D.H. Bertenthal & Sons is Western Pennsylvania’s innovative leader in cleaning and maintenance supplies. We will provide you with the finest products our industry has to offer, competitive pricing, and incredible service. In addition, we offer personalized and expert cleaning advice.

D.H. Bertenthal & SonsDavid H. Bertenthal & WifeSons Paul, Steve, and Sam Bertenthal

D.H. Bertenthal & Sons was founded in 1950 by David H. Bertenthal, who grew up in a family bakery (he baked for a Four Star General during World War II) so he knew the meaning of hard work. He called on a variety of customers, from banks to schools to large corporations, and he was not afraid to knock on doors and ask for business. The business was a true family affair from the start, with Dave making both sales calls and deliveries and his wife Harriet answering the phone, typing orders and sending out invoices while raising three young boys.

Sons Paul, Steve, and Sam Bertenthal crawled on boxes in the warehouse as toddlers, and worked in the company during summers off from school. All three sons joined the company full time soon after graduating college.

D.H. Bertenthal & Sons built its present distribution facility, office and showroom in 1978 and expanded three years later. The Bertenthal brothers have over 110 years of combined industry experience and remain loyal to the company mission of partnering with their customers and suppliers to deliver state of the art systems, services, and supplies on a customized basis. They took an early lead in providing recycling systems to municipal, institutional and corporate customers in the 1980’s and have been at the forefront in selling and training on green cleaning and environmentally sustainable systems since the late 1990’s.

Dave and Harriet Bertenthal worked until shortly before their deaths in 2003 and 2009 respectively, but just as when the business was a one station wagon operation, the Bertenthal family will continue to supply, service and satisfy customers in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.