The latest hygiene care products to make cleaning simple

16 March 2023
The latest hygiene care products to make cleaning simple

Here at D.H. Bertenthal & Sons we are always looking at new ways to make things simpler for your business. Our latest products from Betco, Pro-Link, and Genesan are cost effective, reduce inventory space and save you money. Let’s look at the ways we can help your business cleaning requirements work better.

Reduce inventory space and chemical supply spend

Let us help you coordinate your chemical management system with the best dilution control systems out on the market right now.

Genesan Caps are a safe, efficient and user-friendly dilution control system that anyone can use. Measurements are 100% accurate and there is no risk of chemical splash. This is cleaning without the complication.

The Genesan Extreme Dial-A-Mix is one of the most versatile wall mounted dilution control systems you can have. With a mix of dependability, the capacity to dispense up to eight cleaning products and ease of use, you stay in control of your cleaning costs.

If you’re looking for something with a small footprint but the ability to hold up to four 2L POD products, the Genesan Podium 4 wall mount units are simple to operate, are lockable to give you extra control and even fit in corners, saving you on space. Even more convenient, these units offer a one-handed bottle fill port, button-activated bucket fill or a remote fill option.

Our point of pride is Betco's FastDraw Chemical Management systems that consistently provide the correct dilutions for your cleaning staff. Using a one-size-fits-all FastDraw bottle design we have a menu of concentrates that covers just about all your cleaning needs including all purpose and floor cleaners, restroom cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers, floor and carpet care cleaners and degreasers, odor elimination and food service products. With this system there will be no more pouring money down the drain, only savings on cleaning costs.

Upgrade your hand wash systems and save energy, money and time

Our Pro-Link/Go-Jo CARE program soap dispensers are now a whole lot easier to manage, saving you on energy and cleaning product costs along the way. Now available with our no-hassle "Battery-On-The Refill" Technology, each new soap refill comes with its own coin cell battery integrated right into the refill bottle itself.

This system is easier to maintain and reduces battery waste by up to 68%. With the guarantee of fresh energy every time you replace your old soap, you never run the chance of running out of power after a few refills.

Add to this the new ultra clean foam soap from Proformance with clean release technology and you have one of the most effective, cost efficient and easy to use soap systems available.

We love it when we can give you the cleanest solutions for your business. Give us a call today and we can discuss how we can help you improve your current hygiene care program for more efficiency and less spend.