Purell’s Disinfecting Products Lead the Way

28 February 2022
Purell’s Disinfecting Products Lead the Way

Throughout the pandemic, certain cleaning and disinfecting products have either developed or improved their reputations for superiority. Chief among these is Purell®, which was already a leading and well-known name in disinfecting (largely through their hand sanitizing product); their effective, low-toxicity products are an excellent, fast-working option for most applications.

The active ingredient in Purell’s disinfectants, ethyl alcohol, is among the lowest-toxicity disinfectants recognized by the EPA and CDC. It does not act as an eye or skin irritant, nor does it require special PPE to handle or apply. Purell’s products inherit these qualities and are food safe without a rinse step, to boot. They are also highly effective at killing germs, doing so in as little as 30 seconds of contact time.

Ethyl alcohol is also largely safe for electronic devices—an especially important quality in modern office spaces. With the increasing prevalence of shared smart devices in the working world, the ability to disinfect cellular phones and tablets safely and easily is key to an uninterrupted workflow. Purell® products offer that capability in a product that’s recognized for its effectiveness.

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