Rethink Clean With Genesan and Betco Probiotic Products

25 January 2023
Rethink Clean With Genesan and Betco Probiotic Products

At D.H. Bertenthal & Sons, our ISSA/International Sanitary Supply Association is running its Rethink Clean initiative to ring in its 100th year.

The crux of the Rethink Clean promotion is how vital cleaning is to better health–a philosophy we’ve always endorsed and lived by at D.H. Bernthal & Sons.

It’s important to us that we help our customers harness cleaning’s positive impact on their health. So, beginning in 2023, we’re introducing two new probiotic-based product lines from our two primary cleaning product suppliers, Genesan and Betco.

Find Pleasure In Cleaning With Probiotics

Through a unique blend of essential oils and fermented bacteria, probiotic cleaners create bio-detergent compounds that help blast dirt and grime.

Even more crucial is how probiotic-derived bio-detergent compounds leave behind healthy bacteria that provide several health-related benefits. Several studies prove that, compared to other cleaners, probiotic-based formulas are far more effective in removing pathogens.

Genesan Makes Deep Cleaning Easy–And Healthier–With Probiotics

Genesan’s Restroom 24/7 restroom cleaner and Encapture 24/7 carpet cleaner both feature a plethora of probiotics in their formulas.

These two cleaners cover surfaces with healthy bacteria, forming an invisible hygienic barrier against re-soiling and odors. Even after the initial cleaning, these formulas remove 92% more soil. They’re also non-hazardous, sustainable, not genetically modified, and licensed by the EPA as probiotic strains.

We’re offering an attached “Deep Cleaning Made Easy” special promotion with these new Genesan cleaning product lines. This promo includes a one-gallon BOSS PRO-128 Battery Sprayer, available when Restroom 24/7 or Encapture 24/7 is purchased in two-case quantities.

Betco Features Two New Twists On An Old Favorite

Betco’s classic Push product line offers tried-and-true benefits. For instance, its probiotic ingredients produce helpful bacteria to digest complex proteins, grease, fats, and odors.

There’s no need to use massive doses of enzymes to degrade waste and odor sources when you have Push’s economic and efficient formula. Also, since Push doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, it’s non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-acidic, and non-caustic.

Joining Push’s original Mint fragrance are the brand-new Push Lemon & Sage and Push Mango fragrances. In other words, you get to combine a deep, lasting clean with your preferred scent.

Looking For Environmentally Safe Cleaning Solutions? Then Reach Out To D.H. Bertenthal & Sons Today.

After using the probiotic-based products mentioned above, your restrooms and carpets will remain immaculate for several weeks before needing more cleaning. Around-the-clock protection means Betco and Genesan cleaners keep working while you rest easy in a pristine environment.

Contact D.H. Bertenthal & Sons or stop in to see us today. We’d love to demonstrate the profound power of Genesan and Betco’s environmentally safe probiotic cleaning solutions. Or, you can inquire about the rest of our product catalog.